COC-M: Manuel Fettner wins in Brotterode

15 February 2014 14:43
Top 6 in Brotterode
Top 6 in Brotterode -

Manuel Fettner of Austria won the second Continental Cup competition this weekend in Brotterode. The second place went to Karl Geiger of Germany, followed by Fettner's teammate Daniel Huber.

Manuel Fettner showed a jump on 112.5 m in the first round and was third behind Geiger and Slovenia's Tomaz Naglic. With 109.5 m in the final round and 263.1 points the 28-year-old then secured his already 17th win in the COC.

"It's a lot of fun to jump in Brotterode in front of these fans", said Fettner, who doesn't want to compete in the COC much longer. "I want to return to the World Cup, but we'll see that after the next competitions."

Germany's Karl Geiger, winner of the first competition in Brotterode on Friday, came in second this time with 111.5 m and 108 m and 261.8 points and again showed a strong performance. Naglic could not repeat his good first jump in the final and finished only 18th. "I'm in a good shape. Brotterode is a great facility and the atmosphere is awesome", told Geiger.

Daniel Huber started one gate higher in the first round than Fettner and Geiger, jumped on 118.5 m and was fifth afte the first half of the competition. With his second jump on 111.5 m he moved up to third (261.5 points). For the 21-year-old this was the first ever podium result in the Continental Cup.

Matjaz Pungertar of Slovenia was fourth and missed the podium on Saturday by only 0.8 points. The fifth place went to the best Norwegian in this competition, Atle Pedersen Roensen. 

Klemens Muranka was the best Pole, he jumped on 112 m in the final round and moved up from 16th to sixth. Elias Tollinger in seventh and Markus Schiffner in ninth completed the very good team performance of the Austrians. With Jan Maylaender in eighth another athelte of the hosting team finished in the Top 10.

Slovenia's Nejc Dezman leads the overall ranking of the COC with 625 points, followed by Manuel Fettner (507 points) and Karl Geiger (479 points).