COC-M: Two Austrians on top

23 September 2018 12:12
Stefan Huber, Philipp Aschenwald, Zak Mogel
Stefan Huber, Philipp Aschenwald, Zak Mogel -
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Also in the second competition of the Continental Cup in Zakopane (POL) the victory went to Austria. This time, Philipp Aschenwald and Stefan Huber even secured a 1-2 finish for their team.

Philipp Aschenwald, who was not among the very best on Saturday with a seventh place after he finished on the podium seven times in a row before that, once again proved his great shape this summer today. The 22-year-old claimed his sixth win this season with 139 m and 134 m and 264.0 points. "I'm very satisfied with my performance today. Yesterday was not my best day, it was a tough competition. I'm happy that I made two good jumps today. I hope that I can continue to show jumps like that also during the upcoming winter season", he told.

His teammate Stefan Huber, the winner of yesterday's competition in Zakopane, confirmed this performance with the second place today with jumps of 133 m and 139.5 m and 256.2 points. "I'm very happy, especially my second jump was really good. In the first round, a made a few mistakes but I'm very satisfied with the second place. I'm also very happy about the victory yesterday, this was definitely a really good weekend for me", said Stefan Huber.

Young Slovene Zak Mogel was only 13th after the first round with 132 m, in the final, he then had a great jump of 139 m, scored a total of 248.4 points and finished third. This was his third podium this summer. "I'm really happy about my second jump, in the first round I was a little bit late at the take-off but fortunately I could do better in the second round. This is the best summer of my career so far", said the 17-year-old.

Mogel was followed by his teammate Anze Semenic in fourth, the fifth place went to the best German, David Siegel.

The conditions on the Wielka Krokiew were also not always easy on Sunday and so there was some movement in the results in the final round.

So Japan's Naoki Nakamura, who was 20th after the first round, came in sixth overall, Moritz Baer of Germany, third on Saturday, moved up from 19th to seventh. He shared this seventh place today with Austria's Ulrich Wohlgenannt.

In contrast, Norway's Joacim Oedegaad Bjoereng of Norway was third after the first half of the competition and ended up ninth, Kilian Peier of Switzerland, also en route to the podium in second at halftime, finished only 14th. Best Swiss today was Gregor Deschwanden in tenth.

Aschenwald takes the overall title

With the results in Zakopane, Philipp Aschenwald (814 points) already secured the overall title before the final two COC competitions of the summer on September 29th and 30th in Klingenthal (GER). Kilian Peier is second with 448 points, Zak Mogel follows in third with 409 points.

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