COC-M: Ulrich Wohlgenannt wins difficult competition

17 December 2016 17:58
Ulrich Wohlgenannt
Ulrich Wohlgenannt -
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The weather conditions made the first day of the Continental Cup weekend in Ruka (FIN) difficult for the athletes. At first the start of Saturday's competition had to be postponed for a few hours due to the strong wind and then the wind also lead to the cancellation of the final round after 14 of the 30 jumpers.

Austrian Ulrich Wohlgenannt had the most reason to celebrate after a long day at work. The 22-year-old had the outstanding jump of the first round with 140 m and his 140.8 points earned him a clear win, his third in the COC. "For me it was especially tricky today because it was my first competition under such difficult conditions. I had a good jump and was also a bit lucky. Tomorrow I want to do a good job again", said the winner.

Florian Altenburger scored 125.9 points for his jump of 135.5 m. With this performance he was clearly behind his teammate, but he still secured the double victory for Austria. "It was not easy today. My jump was not my best one, but it was solid", Altenburger analyzed the competition.

Two ski jumpers tied for third on the famous Rukatunturi-hill. Italian Sebastian Colloredo (128.5 m) and Krzysztof Biegun of Poland (128 m) reached a total of 121.0 points.

Elias Tollinger and Philipp Aschenwald came in fifth and sixth and completed the outstanding team result for Austria with four jumpers among the best six today.

Behind the second-best Italian on Saturday, Davide Bresadola (7th), Lauri Asikainen provided a success for the Finnish team with his eighth place in this home competition.

Jan Ziobro of Poland finished ninth, the best German, Pius Paschke, and the best Norwegian, Fredrik Bjerkeengen, tied for tenth.

Sovenia's Cene Prevc still leads the overall ranking with 280 points, followed by Florian Altenburger (192 points) and Tom Hilde (180 points).

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