COC-L: Victory for Katharina Althaus

15 September 2018 11:20
Kaori Iwabuchi, Katharina Althaus, Juliane Seyfarth
Kaori Iwabuchi, Katharina Althaus, Juliane Seyfarth -

Katharina Althaus is the first winner of this summer's Ladies' Continental Cup. The German won the first competition in Oslo (NOR) on Saturday.

The 22-year-old Olympic silver medalist was third after the first round with her 92.5 m jump, with the longest jump of the day of 105 m and a total of 216.9 points she was able to claim her first ever win in this competition series. Her best COC results so far were two second places in Oberwiesenthal 2016. “This is my first time jumping here, and I really liked it! The weather is great and the conditions were good. I thought the Japanese girls and the rest of my team would be the strongest here, and I am very satisfied with my victory here today!”

Kaori Iwabuchi of Japan came in second with 92.5 m and 99.5 m and 206.1 points. “I am very happy with my second place and I truly like the hill and the conditions were good for jumping today. In advanced I saw the German team is strong, so I am happy to be second here today.”

Juliane Seyfarth of Germany, who was in the lead ahead of Iwabuchi and Althaus after the first half of the competition on the Midtstubakken, finished third overall with 95 m and 93.5 m and 205.3 points. “After two weeks of intense traveling, I am of course a bit tired, but still ready to fight and I am always happy to be back in Holmenkollen! My own team has been strong and I am proud of them and expected that we would make it far. I am very happy about being among the top 3, and I really hope to fly very far tomorrow", said Juliane Seyfarth.

The outstanding team result of the German Ski Association in the opening event of the weekend was completed by Ramona Straub in fourth and Carina Vogt in seventh.

Only 16-year-old Russian Anna Shpyneva came in fifth, the sixth place went to Yuka Seto of Japan. Valentina Sderzhikova of Kazakhstan (8th), Austria's Marita Kramer (9th) and Russia's Mariia Iakovleva (10th) also achieved Top 10 results.

The second competition in Oslo, also the final COC for the ladies this summer, starts on Sunday at 9:15 am CET.

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