Competition canceled on Sunday - Next try: Monday

28 December 2014 19:30
Oberstdorf -

The first competition of the 63rd 4-Hills-Tournament in Oberstdorf had to be canceled today due to strong wind and heavy snowfall.

At first the jury cancelled the trial round and postponed the start of the first round various times. After the competition was started more delays were necessary and after eleven jumpers the competition was canceled at 7:15 pm CET.

The competition shall now take place on Monday at 5:30 pm CET (Trial Round: 4:30 pm CET).

Statements of the athletes:

Marinus Kraus: "I was jumping and over the knoll I felt strong headwind, normally I can handle such conditions well. I had to try to land on two feet somehow. It's amazing that almost all of the spectators stayed here the whole time. It's great to jump here, even with such conditions."

Andreas Kofler: "I think the members of the jury did their best to make it a fair competition. As an athlete you try to give your best and stay focused. Fairness is questionable sometimes. I'm happy that I did a pretty good job today, I trusted my coach and it worked. It's not that easy for us athletes, you have to stay focused and that's difficult."

Markus Eisenbichler: "They could have canceled it earlier, but I also understand that they tried it. I'm happy about the cancelation, because I had a very good jump but I didn't get rewarded. It was crazy that Marinus was actually able to land his jump safely. I was really looking forward to the start, all the waiting was annoying."

Werner Schuster: "I don't want to judge whether it was canceled too early or too late. I understand that, in front of 25 000 people, you try to carry out the competition. I was happy that Marinus could land safely. There's a new chance tomorrow. I'm sorry for the fans, the atmosphere was amazing. If no spectators would have been here you could have canceled earlier. From a sporting point of view this was a great decision."

Heinz Kuttin: "It would have been a lottery with these conditions. I think it was tried to carry out the competition. We will now prepare ourselves well for tomorrow. It was especially difficult for Andreas Kofler, because he had to jump early in the competition and therefore wait extremely long. But he did a good job and had a great jump."

Martin Schmitt: "They tried everything, the weather forecast was better. But it became obvious that a fair competition would not have been possible. The fans were great and stayed here for a long time. Now it continues tomorrow."