Daniel Andre Tande is back on the hill

31 August 2018 08:33
Daniel Andre Tande
Daniel Andre Tande -

Five months after last season's World Cup final in Planica (SLO), Norway's Daniel Andre Tande is now back on the hill and made his first jumps of the summer.

The 24-year-old Ski Flying World Champion had to spend some time in the hospital this spring due to the Steven-Johnson-Syndrom and was then forced to take a long break from jumping training. Now everything goes according to plan for him in the preparation for the upcoming winter.

"It feels very good to jump again, it was a lot of fun. I needed one jump, but then it was okay again technically. So now it's about some fine-tuning before the winter and then I hope that everything will be quite good", Daniel Andre Tande said in a video interview published by the Norwegian team on facebook. 

Despite the very long break, the team Olympic champion from PyeongChang is optimistic for the upcoming season after his first training sessions on the hill: "I think that the last couple of jumps in these training sessions were on a quite good level and pretty consistent already. I could not have asked for more, it could have been a lot worse. Before the winter I now have to work on the physical aspects, but I'm not complaining."