Davide Bresadola takes both ski jumping titles in Italy

23 October 2016 18:25
Davide Bresadola
Davide Bresadola -

The Italian ski jumping championships were held in Predazzo this weekend. Outstanding athlete there was Davide Bresadola, who secured the win on both hills.

With jumps of 100 m and 103.5 m and 252.5 points, the 28-year-old won the normal hill title on Saturday. Alex Insam finished second with 97 m and 101.5 m and 246.5 points. The third place went to Sebastian Colloredo, who scored 240.0 points with his jumps of 96.5 m and 100.5 m.

The exact same athletes also shared the podium in the large hill competition on Sunday. Davide Bresadola was unbeatable again with 129 m and 130.5 m and 265.1 points. Clearly behind the winner, Alex Insam (126.5 m and 124 m; 246.9 points) and Sebastian Colloredo (122 m and 117.5 m; 228.1 points) repeated their results from the day before.

Alex Insam dominated the junior's competition on the HS 106 with 255.5 points (100 m and 103 m). Giovanni Bresadola was second with 219.0 points (90.5 m and 95 m), followed by Joy Senoner (91 m and 92.5 m; 210.5 points) in third.

New Italian champion in ladies' ski jumping is Manuela Malsiner. who jumped on 92 m and 95.5 m (220.5 points). Elena Runggaldier (90.5 m and 93 m; 215.0 points) and Lara Malsiner (87.5 m and 86.5 m; 192.5 points) also made it to the podium.

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