Denis Kornilov takes both national titles in Russia

31 March 2016 17:54
Denis Kornilov
Denis Kornilov -

Denis Kornilov won the individual competitions on the normal and large hill at the Russian national championships in Nizhny Tagil.

On the HS 100 the 29-year-old dominated with the longest jumps in both rounds on 95 m and 98 m and 261.0 points. The second place went to Evgeniy Klimov with 90 m and 93 m and 233.5 points. Only 0.5 points behind, Roman Trofimov came in third with 89.5 m and 92 m.

The places four to six in the competition last Sunday went to Mikhail Maksimochkin, Andrey Pachin and Ivan Lanin.

Denis Kornilov was also the best on the large hill on Thursday, but it was a lot closer than on the smaller facility a few days ago. Kornilov took his second title with 121 m and 126 m and 241.1 points.

Ilmir Hazetdinov, only eleventh on the normal hill, was in the lead after his first jump on 121.5 m and finished second overall with 124 m in the final and 238.9 points. Veteran Dimitry Vassiliev, who missed almost all of last season due to a knee injury, was third with 119 and 125 m and a total of 233.2 points. 

Mikhail Maksimochkin repeated his fourth place, followed by Roman Trofimov and Evgeniy Klimov.

The mixed team competition was won by St. Petersburg (Mariia Iakovleva, Alexey Romashov, Sofia Tikhonova, Vladislav Boyarintsev) with 816.0 points, ahead of Moscow (Daria Stepanova, Victor Markin, Irina Avvakumova, Mikhail Nazarov; 803.5 points) and the Moscow Region (Anna Zhukova, Ilmir Hazetdinov, Alexandra Kustova, Evgeniy Klimov; 782.5 points).

In the ladies' event on the normal hill Irina Avvakumova celebrated a clear win with 85 m and 95 m (222.5 points). The second and third place went to Alexandra Kustova (87 m / 85 m; 207.0 points) and Sofia Tikhonova (84.5 m /83.5 m; 198.5 points).

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