Domen Prevc: "It can all change again really fast"

10 December 2016 19:15
Domen Prevc
Domen Prevc -

Domen Prevc is currently the outstanding athlete in the Ski Jumping World Cup. The 17-year-old took his third win in the fourth competition this season on Saturday in Lillehammer.

Obviously the Slovene is very happy with his performances at the moment: "I think it went pretty well for me. I'm very satisfied with the jumps and the competition. The conditions were stable and this was good for all the competitors."

He is aware of the fact that he is in an outstanding position in the World Cup right now, but Prevc also knows that it doesn't have to remain like that. He sees that with his brother Peter, who showed amazing performances last season, but is currently struggling with his shape and came in only 30th on Saturay. "Yes, I'm the dominant ski jumper, but this can all change again tomorrow or next week. Of course I hope it will continue like that for me and I'll do everything I can for it", said the overall World Cup leader.

Domen Prevc is also happy about the performances of his brother Cene, who won the first two competitions in the Continental Cup. "We are both jumping really well. But we can't just say: We win everything. The competition is very strong and we have to stay focused and give our best."