Double victory for Slovenia

20 March 2015 17:25
Jurij Tepes, Peter Prevc, Stefan Kraft
Jurij Tepes, Peter Prevc, Stefan Kraft -

Peter Prevc won the first ski flying competition in Planica. With the third-longest flight in history on 248.5 m in the first round and 233 m in the final the Slovene scored 478.5 points. In the final jump Prevc even got the maximum of 20.0 by all five judges.

Prevc said afterwards: "The first jump was brutal, but it was perfect. Everything worked out great and it's very nice to win here." 

Jurij Tepes crowned the party for the Slovenian fans at the monster hill. With his jumps on 223 and 233 m and 461.9 points he secured the double win for Slovenia. Tepes told later: "I was a bit angry after the first round, but I tried to use these emotions for the second jump. Of course I'm satisfied with this result."

Kraft closely behind Tepes

Only 0.1 point behind, 4-Hills-Tournament winner Stefan Kraft came in third. The Austrian showed jumps on 240 m and 238.5 m. Kraft said: "It was a great day for ski flying. I had a lot of fun and my jumps were really, really good. This hill is perfect, there's nothing I would want to change. Now I hope for two more great days here."

Severin Freund was fourth with 223 m and 230.5 m and 447.7 points and defend his lead in the overall World Cup, although Peter Prevc could get a lot closer today.

Kasai strong fifth

Seven points behind, the fifth place went to Noriaki Kasai, who jumped on 217 m and 229.5 m. World Champion Rune Velta came in sixth with 436.6 points in the second-to-last individual competition of the season, he was 7.2 points ahead of Michael Hayboeck. Double Olympic Champion Kamil Stoch was eighth with 414.9 points, followed by Junior World Champion Johann Andre Forfang with 410.5 points. Anze Semenic, the winner of the qualification, came in on a strong tenth place with 407.8 points. This was a career best result for him.

Kranjec in Planica-shape

Robert Kranjec completed the strong result for the Slovenian team in eleventh. Gregor Schlierenzauer and Richard Freitag followed in 12th and 13th. Manuel Fettner finished 15th, ahead of Kenneth Gangnes. Klemens Muranka was 17th and was the only Pole, besides Stoch, who could score World Cup points today. World record holder Anders Fannemel was only 18th. The two Finns Janne Ahonen and Jarkko Maeaettae were 23rd and 28th. Vincent Descombes Sevoie finished 24th for France, the three Czech Jan Matura, Roman Koudelka and Antonin Hajek came in 27th, 29th and 30th.

Freund needs a third place

In the fight for the overall World Cup the fans can look forward to a real showdown on Sunday. Severin Freund is now only 44 points ahead of Peter Prevc. The German would now need a third place in order to secure the crystal globe. Stefan Kraft already secured his third place in the overall ranking. The race for the places four to seven will also be exciting between Anders Fannemel, Michael Hayboeck, Roman Koudelka and Noriaki Kasai. Right now they are only seperated by 32 points. Rune Velta, Kamil Stoch and Gregor Schlierenzauer will come in on the places eight to ten.

Germany still ahead

In the Nation's Cup, Norway scored 30 points more today than Germany. But still the German team has a good lead of 246 points over their main opponent.

The final team competition of the season will be held on Saturday at 10:00 am CET, this season's World Cup final will start at the same time on Sunday.