Evgeniy Klimov takes both titles in Russia

09 October 2018 13:23
Top 3 Russian normal hill nationals
Top 3 Russian normal hill nationals -

Evgeniy Klimov proved his very good shape this summer also at the Russian national championships and won both individual titles in Sochi.

The 24-year-old, who was the first Russian ski jumper to win the overall title in the FIS Grand Prix, won Sunday's competition on the HS 95 normal hill with jumps of 104 m and 106 m and 274.3 points.

Mikhail Makimochkin was in fourth after the first round with 100.5 m, but then he showed the best jump in the final round with 105.5 m and moved up to second with his total of 261.5 points. Dmitry Vassiliev came in third with jumps of 99 m and 100 m and 257.2 points.

Maxim Sergeev, Aleksandr Bazhenov and Denis Kornilov finished on the places four to six.

Evgeniy Klimov was also unbeatable in the large hill competition on Tuesday. He claimed his second title with jumps of 141 m and 133 m and a total of 276.4 points.

Veteran Dmitry Vassiliev jumped on 134 m in both rounds on the HS 140 hill and came in second with his 258.7 points. He was followed by Maxim Sergeev, who was third with 135.5 m and 128 m and 250.2 points. 

Mikhail Maksimochkin closely missed the podium in fourth this time, Denis Kornilov and Ilmir Hazetdinov were fifth and sixth.

The ladies' competition was won by only 17-year-old Lidiia Iakovleva with jumps of 96 m and 95 m and 236.6 points. She came in clearly ahead of Sofia Tikhonova (92.5 m and 93.5 m; 220.4 points) and Anna Shpyneva (88.5 m and 92 m; 209.7 points).

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Photo: Ilya Kirichenko