EYOF: Gold for Kytoesaho, Tikhonova, Slovenia and Germany

30 January 2015 14:51
Domen Prevc, Niko Kytoesaho, Dawid Jarzabek
Domen Prevc, Niko Kytoesaho, Dawid Jarzabek -
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The European Youth Olympic Festival 2015, where young athletes born in 1998 and 1999 participate, is taking place this week in Vorarlberg (AUT) and Liechtenstein and there a total of four ski jumping competitions were held.

The Gold medal in the boy's individual competition went to Finland's Niko Kytoesaho, who took a clear win on the HS 106 in Tschagguns with jumps on 102 m and 102.5 m and 271.3 points. "I knew, that it's possible to be on the podium if it goes well for me. I had two good jumps and it was enough to win. A dream came true for me with this Gold medal", said the 15-year-old from Lahti.

Domen Prevc, younger brother of Peter Prevc, took the second place with 96 m and 93.5 m and 244.3 points. But the young Slovene wanted more: "I'm satisfied, but not completely happy. Actually I wanted to win Gold, like my brother 2009." Dawid Jarzabek of Poland was second after the first round, but with 242.9 points (96 m and 95 m) he could not keep up with Prevc in the final and finished third. "I'm happy, I thought I could be in the Top 6, but a medal is even better."

The girl's competition on the HS 66 was won by Sofia Tikhonova of Russia with 60 m and 61.5 m (227.1 points), she was followed by three athletes of Germany. Henriette Kraus was second with 221.4 points (61 m and 60 m), Agnes Reisch (59.5 m and 62 m) and Luisa Goerlich (59 m and 60 m) shared the third place with 219.6 points. "I'm satisfied. The weather was not perfect, I had tail wind. It's a great result and it already went really well in training", the Russian told later.

Slovenia (Tine Bogataj, Bor Pavlovcic, Urban Rogelj and Domen Prevc) won Gold in the team competition with 1030.4 points. Finland (Andreas Alamommo, Niko Loeytaeinen, Joni Markkanen, Niko Kytoesaho) came in second with 1000.7 points, the third place went to Austria (Julian Wienerroither, Michael Falkensteiner, Max Schmalnauer, Clemens Leitner; 953.8 points). "It was a great feeling, the whole team is very happy. I was only eighth in the individual event so it's even better to be on the podium now", said Tine Bogataj of the winning Slovenian team.

The mixed team competition then was the final ski jumping event in Tschagguns and it was won by Germany (Agnes Reisch, Jonathan Siegel, Henriette Kraus, Axel Maylaender) with 880.6 points, followed by Russia (Mariia Iakovleva, Maksim Sergeev, Sofia Tikhonova, Kiril Kotik; 870.6 points) and the Czech Republic (Jana Mrakotova, Robert Szymeczek, Zdena Pesatova, Frantisek Holik; 843.2 points).

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