A. Fannemel: "It's an incredible feeling"

18 February 2015 07:11
Anders Fannemel
Anders Fannemel -

In our interview series "FIS Ski Jumping-Talk" we present talks with ski jumping athletes and officials. Today: Anders Fannemel, ski flying world record holder and Norwegian medal hopeful for for the World Championships in Falun.

FIS Ski Jumping: Hello Anders, first of all congratulations on your world record! How are you feeling right now?

Anders Fannemel: This was an incredible experience for me, I feel great.

FIS Ski Jumping: You are one of the few, who can enjoy the feeling to fly 250 m only with skis. Can you describe how that feels?

Fannemel: This was probably the best jump of my life. When I landed it was unbelievable. It's impossible to describe the feeling, when you realize how far you've jumped.

FIS Ski Jumping: What do you think is the limit in ski flying?

Fannemel: I think that the limit of the hill in Vikersund was almost reached. You saw that with Dimitry Vassiliev, 254 m are too far. I think that 252 m are the limit in Vikersund.

FIS Ski Jumping: Can you already imagine what will you have to expect in Planica? Do the Slovenes have a chance to get back the world record?

Fannemel: It will be a new hill again in Planica, they changed a lot. I can imagine that my world record will be broken there.

FIS Ski Jumping: It's your best world cup season so far. How satisfied are you with how everything went for you?

Fannemel: I'm very satisfied. I had a good start of the season and was leading the overall World Cup before the 4-Hills-Tournament. There I was then struggling a bit but over the past weeks it went very well again. I hope I can keep on jumping on this level until the final in Planica.

FIS Ski Jumping: With the World Championships, the next highlight is already just around the corner. What's possible for you there?

Fannemel: The World Championships are the most important event this season. I want to try to get a good rhythm and jump well. I want to win a medal, in the individual or the team competition.

FIS Ski Jumping: Especially the team competition will probably be very exciting. How strong is Team Norway?

Fannemel: We have a strong team. We need four jumpers in a good shape in order to have the chance to win a medal. Austria, Germany and Slovenia are very strong. And other teams also have chances.

FIS Ski Jumping: In Anders Bardal will make his comeback in Falun. Has he recovered from his injury?

Fannemel: He is doing very well. Right now we are on a training camp in Oslo and he is jumping really strong. I'm looking forward to seeing him compete again.

FIS Ski Jumping: There's a totally new generation of ski jumpers in Norway, with athletes like Phillip Sjoeen, Andreas Stjernen and you, of course. Can the fans look forward to a very bright future?

Fannemel: I hope so. We also had very good athletes at the Junior World Championships with Forfang and Tande. I hope that I'm still the strongest (laughs).

FIS Ski Jumping: How important is coach Ales Stoeckl for this development?

Fannemel: He is extremely important. We are working with him every day to further improve our performance. We need him.

FIS Ski Jumping: Last question: What would you like to read in the newspapers about yourself at the end of the season?

Fannemel: That the season ended well for me and that I won a medal at the World Championships.

FIS Ski Jumping: Thanks a lot and good luck!