Finnish national titles to Ahonen and Kytoesaho

31 January 2016 13:21
Janne Ahonen, Niko Kytoesaho, Andreas Alamommo
Janne Ahonen, Niko Kytoesaho, Andreas Alamommo -
Lahden Hiihtoseura

The Finnish national championships on the normal and large hill were held in Lahti this weekend.

The title on the normal hill went to only 16-yeaer-old Niko Kytoesaho with jumps on 96.5 m and 89.5 m and 240.0 points.

Behind the youngster, veteran Janne Ahonen came in second with 92.5 m and 91.5 m and 236.5 points.

Andreas Alamommo was third with 229.0 points (90 m and 91.5 m).

1.5 points behind, Jarkko Maeaettae closely missed the medal in fourth, the places five and six went to Lauri Asikainen and Riku Taehkaevuori.

Comeback of Toni Nieminen

A big name of Finnish ski jumping made his comeback in this competition after a break of over ten years. Toni Nieminen, double Olympic champion in Albertville 1992, started with ski jumping again just a short time ago and with jumps on 85.5 m and 87 m (211.5 points) he was 17th.

Janne Ahonen was then unbeatable on the normal hill. He took a clear win in his hometown with jumps on 126 m and 124.5 m and 264.3 points.

Jarkko Maeaettae won the silver medal with 121 m and 122.5 m and 246.7 points,

Eetu Nousiainen finished third with 116.5 m and 122 m (239.2 points). Behind Frans Taehkaevuori (4th), Andreas Alamommo (5th) and Lauri Asikainen (6th), Harri Olli was seventh and could improve his result compared to the 15th place in the competition on the normal hill on the day before.

Niko Kytoesaho was only 22nd in this competition. He fell in the final round and sustained a ligament injury in his ankle.

Results normal hill
Results large hill

Photos: Facebook / Lahden Hiihtoseura