First win in the World Cup for Johann Andre Forfang

12 March 2016 15:17
Peter Prevc, Johann Andre Forfang, Kenneth Gangnes
Peter Prevc, Johann Andre Forfang, Kenneth Gangnes -

Johann Andre Forfang won the first individual competition in Titisee-Neustadt. With great jumps on 144 m and 143 m the Norwegian scored 265.9 points and took his first win in the World Cup. Forfang came in ahead of overall World Cup champion Peter Prevc and adjourned the 14th win this season of the Slovene. The third place went to Forfang's teammate Kenneth Gangnes.

Forfang knew that he also needed some luck to take this win today: "For me it was a great competition, others had some bad luck with the conditions. I'm really looking forward to Planica next week. I love ski flying. It's awesome to be a part of this Norwegian team."

Difficult conditions

Under changing conditions in the Black Forest Peter Prevc could not present himself in his best shape and scored 261.2 points with his jumps on 139 m and 138.5 m. The Slovene said: "It was a difficult competition for everyone today. But that's part of the game, you can't control everything. My first jump was very good and I'm happy that I can still jump on a top level."

Kenneth Gangnes came in clearly behind the best two today. The third in the overall World Cup was only 11th after his first jump on 126 m, but with amazing 140 m in the final he scored a total of 235.4 points and moved up to third. "The conditions were not easy", told Gangnes. "It was also tough to control the start light today, but it's an outdoor sport. The wind was changing fast and you have to deal with it. I like this hill, it's a good preparation for Planica."

3.7 points behind, Domen Prevc closely missed the third podium result of his career in the World Cup. The 16-year-old, who set a new hill record in the qualification, finished fourth with 136.5 m and 130 m.

Freund with bad luck

With jumps on 128.5 m and 130 m and 227.3 points Severin Freund came in fifth and could not achieve the podium result he had hoped for in front of his home crowd, but the World Champion had worse wind conditions than some of his opponents in both rounds. World record holder Anders Fannemel, third after his spectacular first jump on 143 m, finished sixth overall with 127.5 m in the final and 224.7 points. Four time Olympic champion Simon Ammann achieved his best result this season in seventh with 216.3 points. Daniel Andre Tande, eighth with 215.5 points, and Andreas Stjernen, ninth with 214.1 points, were the fourth and fifth Norwegian in the Top 10. Andreas Wank came in on a very good tenth place with 213.4 points.

Tight field

Behind the Top 10 the field was extremely tight. Jurij Tepes was eleventh, only 0.1 point behind Wank. 0.1 point behind Tepes, Noriaki Kasai followd in 12th in his 499th World Cup appearance. Olympic Champion Kamil Stoch was 13th, 0.1 point behind the Japanese. Taku Takeuchi and Jan Matura completed the Top 15.

Roman Koudelka suffered a little setback. After his win last weekend in Wisla, he was only 17th, behind Stephan Leyhe, in this competition. Also Richard Freitag could not be satisfied with his 19th place.

The Polish jumpers once again lost the chance to achieve a better result in the final round. Stefan Hula and Dawid Kubacki were 9th and 10th after the first round and finished only 20th and 27th. Vincent Descombes Sevoie was 21st and scored some points for France, Robert Kranjec, seventh after the first round, came in 30th.

The second competition in Titisee-Neustadt follows on Sunday at 1:45 pm CET.