Freund wins in Planica - Stoch takes overall title

21 March 2014 17:07
Anders Bardal, Severin Freund, Peter Prevc
Anders Bardal, Severin Freund, Peter Prevc -

Severin Freund won the second-to-last competition of the season in Planica with a lead of only 0.3 points. With two jumps on the hill record distance of 137.5 m Freund scored a total of 289.1 points.

“It's not an easy hill to jump on, the table is very short. It's a challenge. But I'm in a great shape, even if the hill profile doesn't really suit my style of jumping. I enjoy the final moments of the season, everything is going just fine now for me.”

Bardal close behind

Anders Bardal finished second with 136.5 m and 134.5 m. Peter Prevc came in third in his home competition with 129 m and 134.5 m and 287.3 points.

Stoch secures overall title

Kamil Stoch was the big winner of the day, even if he wasn't on the podium. The double Olympic Champion came in fourth and took the overall title, as the second Polish jumper after Adam Malysz. With 131.5 m and 134 m and 283.9 points he finished 6.4 points ahead of Gregor Schlierenzauer. The Austrian jumped on 130.5 m and 127.5 m. Noriaki Kasai moved up from 12th to sixth in the final, but he was not able to fight for the podium.

With a jump on 134 m Andreas Kofler was second after the first round. In the final he then jumped ten meters shorter and finished on a still good seventh place with 274.2 points. Maciej Kot was eighth with jumps on 130 m and 135 m (272.4 points). 4-Hills-Tournament winner Thomas Diethart was the third Austrian in the Top 10 in ninth, his teammates Stefan Kraft and Michael Hayboeck were 13th and 15th and completed the strong team result. Remarkable was also the tenth place of Andreas Stjernen with 269.3 points.

Strong team performance of Slovenia

Besides Prevc also Robert Kranjec in 11th and Cene Prevc, who came in on a career best 16th place, achieved good results for Slovenia. Matjaz Pungertar scored his first World Cup points this season in 23rd. Richard Freitag showed a positive trend with finished 14th after he was competing in the ski flying World Championships. Denis Kornilov was the only Russian in the final round in 28th, Roberto Dellasega scored points for Italy in 29th.

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