Glasder and Englund take titles in the USA

12 October 2015 07:50
Kevin Bickner, Michael Glasder, Nick Mattoon
Kevin Bickner, Michael Glasder, Nick Mattoon -
USA Nordic

Michael Glasder and Nita Englund won their first titles at US National Championships on the normal hill in Lake Placid on Sunday.

With 98 m and 100 m, Michael Glasder had the best jumps in both rounds on the 1980 Olympic hill and took a clear win with his total of 265.0 points.

"This was my first national title and my first podium at nationals. I've been close for a long time so I'm very happy with the win today. The last few weeks I've made a lot of progress on the jump and a great confidence booster heading into the competitive winter season. Right from the takeoff I knew I had to go far to get the win because Kevin Bickner had a great jump. I was a just pulling for every meter and it worked out to my advantage", said the 26-year-old from Cary, IL.

Kevin Bickner, who won the competition of the traditional Flaming Leaves Festival ahead of Glasder and Christian Friberg on Saturday, came in second this time with 88 m and 95 m and 235.0 points and was also satisfied with this result. "I didn’t have as good a jump as I had hoped in the first round, but I came back in the second round and did really well. Mike had two solid jumps and he deserves to be national champion. But for me, a first and second is not a bad weekend.

The third place went to Nick Mattoon with his jumps on 80 m and 93 m and 211.0 points.

Nita Englund was unbeatable in the ladies' competition. With 86 m and 95 m and 227.0 points, she won clearly ahead of Abby Hughes (76 m / 78 m; 168.5 points) and Nina Lussi (70.5 m / 74.5 m; 148.5 points). 

"It’s my first national title - it means a lot to me! It is a benchmark for winter and it shows the progress I have made in the last year. I traveled back from my training base in Slovenia to be here and it was nice to be back in the U.S. for the first time in awhile.", said Englund.

Rhoads and Alexander not competing due to injury

Will Rhoads, who won the large hill championships in August, could not participate in this event due an injury he sustained mid September. Also Nick Alexander was not competing in Lake Placid due to the serious knee injury he sufferend in a crash at the WSC in Falun. The 27-year-old made his first jumps after the long break just a few days ago and, like Rhoads, he wants to be ready to compete by the start of the winter season.

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