Good news from Thomas Morgenstern

15 December 2013 17:32
Thomas Morgenstern
Thomas Morgenstern -

Good news came from the hospital after the fall of Thomas Morgenstern on Sunday, his injuries are probably not as bad as originally throught.

The 27-year-old was taken to the hospital in Villingen-Schwenningen by helicopter, where first medical checks as well as a computed tomography were made. 

Then first diagnoses it that Morgenstern suffered a fracture of his right little finger, heavy bruises, cuts and abrasions. He will be transferred to the hospital in Klagenfurt (AUT) tonight.

"I only remember how Klitschko started to punch. Then the lights went out. I feel pretty strong pain all over my body but I hope it's nothing really serious. But I think that the next days might get pretty hard", Morgenstern said in a first statement.