Gregor Schlierenzauer sidelined with knee injury

06 February 2017 16:09
Gregor Schlierenzauer
Gregor Schlierenzauer -

Gregor Schlierenzauer didn't sustain any serious injuries when he fell in the qualification for Sunday's Ski Flying competition in Oberstdorf, but he will still be sidelined indefinitely.

In an MRI examination of his right knee on Monday a superficial injury of the collateral ligament was diagnosed. In addition the 27-year-old suffered bruises of the chest and a hematoma on his right thigh. According to Dr. Wulf Gloetzer it can't be said at the moment for how long the Austrian will be not be able to jump now: "It depends. We will check it regularly and then decide whether it's possible to compete in the World Championships. Right now I would say the chances are 50/50."

"Fortunately it's no serious injury that requires surgery. That's the good news. I still feel pain, but I think it will get better every day. I'm still positive when it comes to the WSC, because it's still about two and a half weeks until then. But if I'm not 100 % fit, it would not be a priority. Now I'll have to take it step by step and day by day", said Gregor Schlierenzauer.

Kofler will also not compete in Asia

On Monday head coach Heinz Kuttin also named his team for the upcoming World Cups in Sapporo and PyeongChang. Besides Schlierenzauer, also Andreas Kofler will not take the trip to Asia. Austria will be represented by Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayboeck, Manuel Fettner, Markus Schiffner, Clemens Aigner, Stefan Huber and Philipp Aschenwald.