Gregor Schlierenzauer wants to return to the hill

01 April 2016 17:37
Gregor Schlierenzauer
Gregor Schlierenzauer -

A few days after he underwent surgery, that became necessary because he suffered an ACL tear in his right knee when heli-skiing in Canada, Gregor Schlierenzauer now spoke about his current situation and the near future.

"The main goal is to get the knee fit enough to stand a world record. As a ski jumper you now need healthy knees more than ever. The first goal now is to get it stable enough so I can start jumping again. Right now I can't yet say how much time this way back will take and when I can return to the hill. I don't put any pressure on myself, the top priority is to have a completely healthy knee", the 26-year-old said at a press conference on Friday.

Gregor Schlierenzauer used the past months after he ended the winter season early "to live a normal life" and to start training to become a mental coach. 

"I spent time with friends, had good conversations and good food. The usual things, just getting out of the rat race. I enjoyed this time off. Ten years of sports on the highest level demand lots of strength and energy. That's why this time-out is very valuable. I wanted to do this already three years ago, but I decided otherwise because of the Olympics. I'm not ready yet to retire completely."

"Ski jumping is still my life, but there are more important things, like for example, staying healthy. Everything can be over from one second to the next", the Tyrolean is quoted on