Ski Jumping Grand Prix: Gregor Schlierenzauer wins in Einsiedeln

09 August 2014 20:22
Piotr Zyla, Gregor Schlierenzauer, Michael Hayboeck
Piotr Zyla, Gregor Schlierenzauer, Michael Hayboeck -

Gregor Schlierenzauer won the FIS Grand Prix in Einsiedeln (SUI) on Saturday. With jumps of 112.5 m and 115.5 m the record winner in the World Cup scored 412.5 points and took his first win of the summer series in three years.

Schlierenzauer said of his win, "It's always nice to win. But it's only summer and the winter is when it really counts. But I'm very happy, it's been a while since my last Grand Prix win and it shows that I'm on the right track. The level is very high and you can't make any mistakes."

Zyla second again

Like in the opening Grand Prix competition in Wisla (POL), Piotr Zyla finished second. "I'm very happy and I didn't expect such a good result. We are travelling to Courchevel tomorrow and will stay there until the next competition."

With jumps of 113.5 m and 115.5 m he came in six points behind Schlierenzauer. Third place went to the winner of the qualification, Michael Hayboeck (AUT), with 404.3 points (112.5 m and 112 m). "I came here without any expectations. I was jumping well in training recently and it's nice that it went that well in the competition", Hayboeck said after the competition. "We will go to Courchevel tomorrow and train there for a couple of days. We really like the hill there", the Austrian added.

Freitag misses the podium

Only 0.1 points behind Hayboeck, Richard Freitag came fourth. The German had the longest jump of the day in the first round with 116 m and was in the lead ahead of Schlierenzauer. He jumped 112 m in the final and could not keep up with the best. Kamil Stoch came fifth, Dawid Kubacki finished in 13th and Maciej Kot ended in 21st for the Polish team. Stoch jumped 111 m and 113 m to score 393.0 points. Slovenia's veteran Jernej Damjan finished sixth with 391.7 points, his teammate Peter Prevc, who won in Wisla, was seventh with 387.5 points.

Tande best Norwegian

Daniel-Andre Tande also turned in a good performance. In his first Grand Prix competition, he was eighth and the best of the Norwegians. 4-Hills-Tournament winner Thomas Diethart (380.6 points) was ninth, and the best Swiss, Gregor Deschwanden (380.3 points) completed the top 10.

Hofer takes stock

FIS Race Director Walter Hofer was talking about the new format after the competition: "Form a sporting point of view we still can't find a problem. But we have to work on finding a way to display all the necessary information for the fans, at the hill and in front of the TV."

The FIS Grand Prix will continue next Friday in Courchevel (FRA) for one of the most popular stops on the Summer Grand Prix tour.