Gregor Schlierenzauer works on his comeback

14 November 2016 16:38
Gregor Schlierenzauer
Gregor Schlierenzauer -

At a press conference in Seefeld on Monday, the host city of the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships 2019, Gregor Schlierenzauer spoke about his future and the plans for a comeback.

The 26-year-old, who sustained an ACL tear in a skiing accident in Canada last spring, made his first jumps after the break in Hinzenbach recently. "It was a nice feeling to jump again, very inspiring after ten months. But it also felt a little unpleasant", Schlierenzauer is quoted on

As a point for a possible return to the World Cup, he has set his sights on the last competitions before Christmas in Engelberg. The following 4-Hills-Tournament is not an important factor in his planning so far. "I have personal goals and I'll work hard, then we'll see when it's the right time for the comeback. The 4-Hills-Tournament is not an issue, my feeling tells me it's coming too early."

But the Tyrolean, who will train in the ski jumping center in Stams together with coach Christoph Strickner, already has one big goal for the upcoming winter: The World Championships in Lahti late February/early March.

Head coach Heinz Kuttin is happy about Schlierenzauer's decision to continue his career: "It's great that he will return. He is a very important part of our team."