Ground-breaking ceremony in Kandersteg

21 July 2014 18:58
Constructions starts in Kandersteg
Constructions starts in Kandersteg -

The ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the new ski jumping center was held in Kandersteg (SUI) on Monday. The construction work will start next week and shall be completed by fall 2015.

During the first two phases of construction it is planned to mainly work on the infrastructure of the new national nordic ski center, the construction of the jumping hills shall then begin in the third phase in spring 2015.

The profile of the three hills will be adjusted and the new inrun tracks will be installed. In addition the new inclined lift to the start of the HS 106 and HS 72 will be mounted. After that the construction work will be completed and the new facility will be put into operation. 

With the ground-breaking ceremony for this project on July 21st, initiator Robert Rathmayer is yet another step closer to turn his vision of making Kandersteg a training center for the ski jumpers into reality.