Innovation: Illuminated inrun-track

29 September 2016 12:46
Illuminated inrun-track in Engelberg
Illuminated inrun-track in Engelberg -

An illuminated inrun-track for ski jumpers doesn't sound very spectacular at first. The ski jumpers already have enough light in the inrun for evening and night events with the installed flood-light systems. But what a Slovenian manufacturer now presented at the FIS fall meetings in Zurich is still an exciting innovation in ski jumping.

In the inrun-track integrated LED moduls can not only change the colors with regard to the current situation in the competition, the light can also follow the athlete in the track. In addition there's also the possibility to display the different colors of the start light in the inrun for the athletes and the spectators. Currently this is usually done by an LED light below the starting bar.

Obviously this inrun track becomes more impressive the later the competition is held and the darker it gets at the hill.

Premiere in Engelberg (SUI)

The fans will get the chance to see this innovation for the first time at the FIS world Cup in Engelberg (SUI) on December 17th and 18th, 2016. The organizers in Engelberg equipped their hill with this new inrun track and flood lights this summer and are now already looking forward to this world premiere in December.

The video with the pictures of the new track was also made in Engelberg.

Video: Illuminated inrun-track