Iraschko-Stolz wins her first competition this season

12 December 2015 14:43
Iraschko-Stolz and Pinkelnig on the podium
Iraschko-Stolz and Pinkelnig on the podium -

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz won the first FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Ladies in Nizhny Tagil. The overall World Cup winner won with jumps of 92,5 and 97,0 metres, resulting in 242,6 points. Iraschko-Stolz celebrated her first win of the season ahead of Sara Takanashi and her team mate Eva Pinkelnig.

Iraschko-Stolz: “My back is hurting, so I was thinking about not starting at all. But my team was supporting me, we worked as a team. I was so focused during the competition, I didn´t realize the pain at all. We were travelling 72hours to get here, maybe that´s the reason for the pain. I could sleep one hour during the trial round, it was better after that.”

Takanashi was leading after the first jump with 95,0 metres, but could not hold the position with her second jump of 90,0 metres. In the end four points were missing for the first place. Takanashi:” I still have to see the video analysis. But the jump felt good, so I am satisfied with my jumps. It´s the result in the end, that I am not happy about. My goal for tomorrow is to win the competition.”

Eva Pinkelnig could celebrate an impressive comeback. From place 13th with 89,5 metres in the first round, she finished in third place with 96,5 metres. Overall 227,8 points were resulting in the first podium position of her World Cup career. Pinkelnig:” I am feeling super. Two of the best ski jumpers of all times are ahead of me on the podium, that´s a huge honour for me. I didn´t think to much about my second jump, it just worked out. I can not deny, that my expectations are raising now. We will see what happens tomorrow.”

Pinkelnig was followed by 2,6 points by World Champion Carina Vogt, who could improve her performance since Lillehammer with jumps of 94,0 and 91,0 metres. She finished fourth.

Yuki Ito is finishing in fifth place with jumps of 93,0 and 87,5 metres, resulting in 224,7 pints. She was tied in second place after the first round together with Iraschko-Stolz.

Julia Kykkänen could make up for her unsatisfying season start. The Finn did not make the cut in the qualification in Lillehammer. She could finish sixth with 222,0 points in Russia. Katharina Althaus (221,2 points) and the German Champion Juliane Seyfarth (219,5 points) secured a strong German team performance with finishing seventh and eights. Anastasiya Gladysheva was the best Russian athlete with 219,4 points and in place nine. Jaqueline Seifriedsberger finished with 218,4 points and was the third Austrian in the top ten. The winner of the qualification, Julia Clair, finished in 11th place ahead of Line Jahr and Chiara Hölzl. Maja Vtic and Maren Lundby, being on the podium in Lillehammer, had to accept a tie in 14th place. Taylor Henrich and Nita Englund finishing 17th and 20th, could collect World Cup points for the teams of Canada and the USA. The Italian Elana Runggaldier could also get points for her her, finishing in 23rd place. The Romanian Daniela Haralambie reached the final round again with place 29.

The second FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Ladies will start on Sunday, at 12 pm (CET).
The qualification will start at 10:30 am.