Ironwood: From ski flying hill to large hill

13 November 2013 14:18
The Copper Peak ski flying hill in Ironwood
The Copper Peak ski flying hill in Ironwood -

Currently there are five ski flying hills, on which World Cup events and Ski Flying World Championships are held more or less regularly.

These five ski flying hills are: Oberstdorf (GER), Planica (SLO), Bad Mitterndorf/Kulm (AUT), Harrachov (CZE) and Vikersund (NOR). 

And there's also a facility in the USA.

But the FIS certificate for the hill in Ironwood, in the State of Michigan, already expired in 1995, the hill is not used anymore, it's on the verge of dilapidation.

Now the flying hill shall be turned into a large hill. This means that jumps of up to 170 m will not be possible anymore in the future, but the hill in Ironwood would then be the world's biggest large hill.

According to the wishes of the organizers, the first competitions on the new hill shall already take place in 2016. Plastic mats will be installed for summer training and the carrying out of Grand Prix events.