Jakub Janda: New challenge and motivation

25 July 2014 13:32
Jakub Janda
Jakub Janda -

For a long time during the course of last winter it seemed as if Czech veteran Jakub Janda will end his career after the season, now he has decided otherwise and will continue to jump.

"Sport 2000 approached me and offered mit to jump with their skis and be involved in the development of the equipment. This is a new challenge and motivation for me and I have to thank Sport 2000 for this opportunity", told the 36-year-old.

The free time after the winter, Jakub Janda dedicated mainly to the family. "I spent time with my son Oliver and we travelled. He starts to jump and so I wanted to be there. I'm proud of him."

Now the former 4-Hills-Tournament and overall World Cup winner starts the season not only with new equipment, but also with a new coach, who he knows very well already. "It nothing new for me, Richard Schallert was my coach already five years ago. Back then it was not ideal, but now it's perfect and I'm satisfied with his style."

The athlete of Liberec has now clear expectations for the first competitions of the Grand Prix in Wisla. "We have been training for two months so it's difficult to predict results. This is not my favorite hill, but my jumps were good. I have some technical problems in the flight. We will see what the competition will bring." After the qualification on the Adam-Malysz-hill the Czech is 17th.