Jakub Jiroutek ends his job as head coach in Italy

13 April 2014 12:58
Jakub Jiroutek
Jakub Jiroutek -

Jakub Jiroutek has decided to end his job as head coach of the Italian ski jumping national team.

The Czech, who was working with the Italian Ski Association already since 2009, will return to his home country. "My son was born a few weeks ago and I also want to return to the Czech Republic for family reasons", Jiroutek is quoted on rozhlas.cz.

Another reason for the end of his engagement in Italy was the difficult last winter. "This season cost me a lot of energy and there weren't too many good results", the 36-year-old said on skoky.net.

"Working in Italy gave me a lot. I learned a new language and met people who will remain in my heart forever, like Roberto Cecon, Walter Cogoli and the Italian jumpers. I want to thank all the fans who cheered for the Italian team. I believe we will see each other again", added Jiroutek, who now wants to focus on working with young athletes.