Jani Klinga - Back to the top

09 August 2014 19:12
Jani Klinga and Sami Niemi
Jani Klinga and Sami Niemi -

If it's up to him, the time of suffering will soon be over. Jani Klinga has a clear goal in sight: The Finnish ski jumping national team shall finally return to the top. Jani Klinga, who is now coaching the team together with Kari Ylianttila and carries the Finnish hopes, will do everything he can for to achieve that.

Jani Klinga's ski jumping career started in Lahti, the home town he shares with his athlete Janne Ahonen. Both were training together as kids in the Finnish ski jumping center under coach Ari Saukko. The two are close friends since then and so the coach feels even more sorry for his top athlete who is now injured. "We were travelling everywhere together, jumped in the World Cup together. It's a difficult situation for Janne. Of course I hope he will get well again soon." Ski jumping legend Ahonen got injured during a national competition in Lahti and had to undergo surgery early August.

Despite this injury of one of his top athletes, Jani Klinga has a clear goal for the future of the Finnish team. "I want to form a strong team, that will be able to fight for wins again soon. We want to be among the world's best again."

Although he is new in this job, he already has a lot of experience in coaching. He started in the year 2000 and worked his way up in Finnish ski jumping. Jani Klinga gained his first international experience as coach of the Finnish B-Team, then he changed the discipline and worked as head coach of the Finnish national team in nordic combined from 2004 to 2006. He  was also coaching Japanese club teams with top athletes like Daiki Ito and Noriaki Kasai.