Johann Andre Forfang: "Everyone would be happy for Noriaki"

14 March 2016 13:14
Johann Andre Forfang
Johann Andre Forfang -

In our series "FIS Ski Jumping-Talk" we present interviews with ski jumping athletes and officials. Today: Johann Andre Forfang (20).

Johann Andre Forfang, two-time Junior World Champion 2015, is one of the young Norwegians who are causing quite a stir this winter. In summer it wasn't yet expected that Forfang would be one of the contestants for podium finishes. With his first World Cup win in Titisee-Neustadt the 20-year-old crowned a season, during which he was already on the podium four times before. With the Norwegian team he is close to winning the Nation's Cup.


FIS Ski Jumping: Hello Johann, congratulations on your first win in the World Cup. How does that feel?

Johann Andre Forfang: Thank you very much. It's incredible. I'm extremely happy about my first win, this is something very special. Before the winter I didn't expect that I would be capable of fighting for wins.


FIS Ski Jumping: How sad were you that the second competition in Titisee-Neustadt had to be canceled?

Forfang: This was really a pity. I would have loved to jump, my shape is very good. This was a bit disappointing.


FIS Ski Jumping: Most of the athletes are now happy that the season is coming to an end, you are in a great shape. Would you want the season to continue even longer?

Forfang: Of course. If you are jumping well it should never end. It would be nice to have a few more competitions when I'm in such a good shape.


FIS Ski Jumping: Many of your teammates have already been asked that: What's the secret of the Norwegians this winter?

Forfang: It's really a great season for us. Everyone of us is working very hard. It's difficult to say, whether there is a secret. We are all in a perfect shape.


FIS Ski Jumping: How important is head coach Alex Stoeckl for this success?

Forfang: Very important. The coaches taught us a lot about ski jumping and they came up with a lot of very good ideas.


FIS Ski Jumping: Planica is the last stop this season. How much are you looking forward to it?

Forfang: I'm really looking forward to it. The atmosphere will be awesome, the hill is fantastic.


FIS Ski Jumping: Ski flying is a Norwegian speciality. You must be really looking forward to these three competitions?

Forfang: I love ski flying and this final in Planica is great for us. The hill is huge and you can fly very far.


FIS Ski Jumping: Do you already accept congratulations for winning the Nation's Cup or is it still too early for that?

Forfang: I don't know how far we are ahead in this ranking, but I think we have a lead of quite some points. But let's wait until after the final (laughs).


FIS Ski Jumping: How important is this title for the team?

Forfang: It is very important. Being the best team was one of our main goals for this season. It would be very nice if it would work.


FIS Ski Jumping: Noriaki Kasai will have his 500th World Cup competition on Friday. Can you imagine reaching a similar number?

Forfang: That's difficult to say, but I think it's not very likely (laughs). I don't know how well my body will still work at that age. But it's great that Noriaki made it. He is really a great guy.


FIS Ski Jumping: Every athlete wants to win, would you still be happy if Noriaki could take the win in his 500th competition?

Forfang: Of course I would. I would be very happy for him, everyone would be. But first and foremost everyone is fighting for himself of course.


FIS Ski Jumping: What is your goal for Planica?

Forfang: I hope I will still be jumping well and that I can fight for the top spots. And of course I want to fly very far.


FIS Ski Jumping: Can you or any other Norwegian become a challenger for Peter Prevc next season?

Forfang: We will see (laughs). I hope that we will take the next steps. For me it's about being on the podium ore often. We will have to work hard in summer in order to achieve that.


FIS Ski Jumping: Last question: How will you spend your time off?

Forfang: I will go back home to Tromsoe, spend time with my family and my girlfriend. We haven't made any plans yet, but we will definitely go somewhere to soak up the sun.


FIS Ski Jumping: Thanks a lot for the interview and have fun in Planica.