JWSC: Gold for the team of Poland

01 February 2014 19:46
Jakub Wolny, Klemens Muranka, Aleksander Zniszczol, Krzysztof Biegun
Jakub Wolny, Klemens Muranka, Aleksander Zniszczol, Krzysztof Biegun -

The final ski jumping competition at this year's Junior World Championships in Val di Fiemme was the men's team event on Saturday evening. The win in this competition went to the favorites of Poland, followed by Austria and Norway.

Jakub Wolny, newly crowned individual World Champion, Aleksander Zniszczol, Krzyzstof Biegun and Klemens Muranka were already in the lead after the first round and took the title with their total of 1027.0 points. "Yesterday, I already said that we have a very strong team and today we win. This is a very good day for our team. My two jumps were good but not perfect but in general, I am very satisfied", said two-time Junior World Champion of Val di Fiemme, Jakub Wolny.

Also Simon Greiderer, Ulrich Wohlgenannt, Elias Tollinger and Patrick Streitler were able to defend their very good position after the first round and with 1022.4 points they won the silver medal for Austria. "Today was just an unbelievable day. I think we all showed our best jumps, everybody is very satsified. Everything went so well for us, it was crazy. The service guys have done a great job. This is like a dream. A silver medal is amazing and myself and the whole team, we are so happy", told Elias Tollinger. 

Norway was fourth after the first round, closely behind the Top 3. In the final Daniel Andre Tande, Johann Andre Forfang, Hans Petter Bergquist and Mats Soehagen Berggaard moved up one place and took Bronze. After the competition Johann Andre Forfang was proud of his teammates: "Our medal was extremely funny to get! We have a Mats Berggaard who is doing an extremely good job and I am very happy with him!" 

The team of Finland, with Jarkko Maeaettae, Aapo Lehtinen, Miika Ylipulli and Santeri Ylitapio, was on a surprising third place after the first round. In the second round they could not keep up with the Norwegians and missed the Top 3 by only 1.6 points.

Also the German jumpers, Paul Winter, Michael Herrmann, Dominik Maylaender and Sebastian Bradatsch, were only 2.6 points behind the third-placed Norwegians and finished fifth. 

Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy could also qualify for the final round. Russia, the Czech Republic, Japan, France and the USA failed to make the cut for the second round.