Kamil Stoch dominates Polish Championships

20 July 2014 07:00
Piotr Zyla, Kamil Stoch, Jakub Wolny
Piotr Zyla, Kamil Stoch, Jakub Wolny -
Alicja Kosman / PZN

A week before the first competitions of this year's FIS Grand Prix will be held in Wisla, the best Polish ski jumpers were fighting for the national title on the Adam-Malysz-hill on Saturday.

The win on the HS 134 went to the big favorite Kamil Stoch. The double Olympic Champion dominated the competition with 134.5 m and 135 m and clearly won with a total of 279.6 points.

Piotr Zyla showed jumps on 129 m and 126 m and finished second with 256.5 points. Junior World Champion Jakub Wolny, fourth behind Stefan Hula after the first round, could improve his performance in the final and took the third place on the podium with 252.1 points (126.5 m and 125 m). Stefan Hula came in fifth overall.

"I'm glad that the conditions were equal for every competitor. It was almost calm during the whole competition and we have a fair result. So I'm even more happy that I could show two very good jumps today. They were the best of the whole week we were training here", Kamil Stoch is quoted on the website of the Polish Ski Association.

AZS Zakopane I with Grzegorz Mietus, Krzysztof Mietus, Andrzej Zapotoczny and Maciej Kot won the team competition on Sunday with 926.5 points, followed by TS Wisla Zakopane I (Andrzej Gasienica, Dawid Jarzabek, Klemens Muranka, Dawid Kubacki; 914.3 points) and WKS Zakopane (Marcin Budz, Stefan Hula, Jan Ziobro, Kamil Stoch; 903.2 points).


Top 10 Polish Championships, Wisla HS 134; July 20, 2014

Rank Name Distance Points
1. Stoch, Kamil 134.5 m - 135 m 279.6
2. Zyla, Piotr 129 m - 126 m 256.5
3. Wolny, Jakub 126.5 m - 125 m 252.1
4. Kot, Maciej 125.5 m - 124.5 m 249.0
5. Hula, Stefan 126 m - 123 m 247.7
6. Kubacki, Dawid 125.5 m - 125 m 246.9
7. Biegun, Krzysztof 123 m - 123 m 237.8
8. Klusek, Bartlomiej 122.5 m - 120 m 232.9
9. Mietus, Grzegorz 120 m - 121.5 m 230.7
10. Muranka, Klemens 120 m - 121 m 229.8

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