Kamil Stoch: "I'm not angry at the situation"

22 December 2014 11:34
Kamil Stoch
Kamil Stoch -

In our interview series "FIS Ski Jumping-Talk" we present talks with ski jumping athletes and officials. Today: Kamil Stoch (27), overall World Cup winner and double Olympic Champion.

FIS Ski Jumping: Hello Kamil. first, the most important question: How are you?

Kamil Stoch: I'm doing pretty well, my leg is also getting better. Of course it's not 100 % okay yet, but I have a lot less pain. I feel that everything goes in the right direction, but I still need some more time to recover after the surgery.

FIS Ski Jumping: The question follows up on this: How high are the chances that you will be able to compete in the 4-Hills-Tournament?

Stoch: At this point I can't say that. I hope that it'll work, but as I said, I still need some time.

FIS Ski Jumping: You will probably also not want to take any risk with a view towards the World Championships.

Stoch: Of course not. The World Championships are the highlight this season, I don't want to risk missing that. I will not start jumping again, until I'm completely sure that everything is okay. The recovery process is most imporant for me right now.

FIS Ski Jumping: Right before the season started you said that in summer you were working very hard in order to get even better than last year. How frustrating is such an injury now at the beginning of the season?

Stoch: That's right. The whole team was working very hard, not only me. Of course you don't see such an injury coming, but I'm not sad or angry about this situation because I can't change anything about it. I try to focus on the positive aspects. I can spend more time with my family, what is nice. And I have time to think about myself and life and get a bit of a distance to ski jumping. You can get something positive out of every situation.

FIS Ski Jumping: Can we expect that you will be even more ambitious when you come back?

Stoch: (laughs) Of course I don't know if I'll be better and stronger when I come back. I hope I will be, but time will tell.

FIS Ski Jumping: This season didn't go very well for the Polish team so far, Jakub Wolny is also injured. What do you think about the season? Do you follow the competitions on TV?

Stoch: Of course I watch all the competitions and try not to miss anything. I'm very surprised by the performances of Anders Fannemel. I like him and I'm very happy for him. And what should I say about our team? We need some more time to find a good rhythm. The team is lacking self-confidence and the confidence to know what to do in the competition. But I'm sure that it will be better already in the next World Cups. They just have to ski jump.

FIS Ski Jumping: Are you currently in touch with Jakub Wolny? Do you maybe train together?

Stoch: No, we are not in touch, but of course I know how he's doing. He's training a bit and also makes his first jumps again, but not on the large hill, this would be too early.

FIS Ski Jumping: Of course you can't look into the future, but what is possible for the Polish team at the World Championships in your opinion, with you and maybe also with Jakub Wolny?

Stoch: I think that everything is possible for us. We have proved that we have a strong team with young and experienced athletes. There's still a lot of time until then and we can get stronger. I think and hope that the World Championships will be good for us.

FIS Ski Jumping: Can you name a favorite for the 4-Hills-Tournament?

Stoch: I don't like to speak about favorites. All the jumpers, who are in the Top 10 of the overall World Cup, can win the 4-Hills-Tournament. Gregor Schlierenzauer has the most experience, because he won the most World Cups. But Severin Freund is in a very good shape as well right now. Peter Prevc is also among the favorites and you should never forget Noriaki Kasai. And maybe a totally new name will come up and do well.

FIS Ski Jumping: At the end a personal question: How will you spend Christmas? Are there any Polish traditions that are looking forward to?

Stoch: I will spend Christmas with my family because this is what I look forward to the most. Of course there are Polish traditions, but you could talk about that all night (laughs). We ski jumpers also like Christmas because it's a time when we can eat more and don't worry about our bodyweight so much. I will definitely try everything on the table.

FIS Ski Jumping: Thanks a lot for the interview. We wish you a merry Christmas and hope that we can see you at the hill again soon.