Kari Ylianttila and Jani Klinga new coaches of the Finnish team

05 May 2014 14:11
Kari Ylianttila and Jani Klinga
Kari Ylianttila and Jani Klinga -

The Finnish team will start the preparation for upcoming 2014/15 season wil a new coaching staff. It was announced today that Kari Ylianttila and Jani Klinga will work with the national team in the future.

Kari Ylianttila will be the new head coach and is responsible for the strategic planning and the cooperation with the various personal coaches, Jani Klinga will be responsible for the daily training. The duo will follow Pekka Niemelae, who was head coach of the national team for the past four years.

60-year-old Ylianttila, 4-Hills-Tournament winner 1978, was already coaching the national team from 1988 to 1994 and was later working as head coach in Japan and the USA. "After twenty years I'll be working in my home country again, but the work as the same as elsewhere. The goals and challenges are the same for every team", Kari Ylianttila said on finnjumping.fi. 

Jani Klinga was recently coaching the Finnish B-team in the Continental Cup and was previously working with the Finnish national team in nordic combined and as a club coach in Japan.

A really big goal for the new coaches are of course the Nordic World Championships in Lahti 2017. "World Championships at home are extremely important for us. We want to be successful in Lahti", said Ylianttila.

On the road to the Championships, they plan more training camps of the national team together with young athletes. "A better cooperation is positive from a sporting point of view and it's also cost-efficient. It's an individual sport, but we are also a team. If one of us is good, it helps us all", Jani Klinga pointed out.