Kevin Maltsev Estonian champion

10 September 2018 13:11
Kristjan Ilves, Kevin Maltsev, Ivo-Niklas Hermanson
Kristjan Ilves, Kevin Maltsev, Ivo-Niklas Hermanson -
Adam Illingworth

The Estonian National Ski Jumping Championships for men and ladies were held last on the HS 100 normal hill in Otepaeae last weekend.

In the men's competition, Kevin Maltsev was the best in both rounds with his jumps of 95 m and 995 m. The 18-year-old claimed the national title with his total of 255.0 points.

The second place went to Nordic Combined skier Kristjan Ilves with 92 m and 95 m and 242.5 points. Ivo-Niklas Hermanson, who jumped on 87 m and 92 m and scored 221.5 points, took the third spot on the podium.

Only 16-year-old Markkus Alter, Martti Nomme and Robert Lee followed on the places four to six.

Together with Kristjan Ilves and Andreas Ilves, Kevin Maltsev also won the title in the team competition for the Elva Suusaklubi with 616.0 points. Noemme SK, with Ivo-Niklas Hermanson, Taavi Pappel and Robert Lee, finished second with 565.0 points, the third place went to Põhjakotkas Otepaeae (Hanno-Henri Reidolf, Markkus Alter, Karl-August Tirmaa) with 518.5 points.

The ladies' competition was won by Annemarii Bendi with 180.5 points (80 m and 81 m), ahead of Triinu Hausenberg (68.5 m and 69.5 m; 124.0 points) and Carena Roomets (43 m and 43 m; 7.5 points). 

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Photo: Adam Illingworth; Facebook/Eesti kahevõistlus ja suusahüpped