Kilian Peier defends title in Switzerland

15 October 2017 11:14
Gregor Deschwanden, Kilian Peier, Andreas Schuler
Gregor Deschwanden, Kilian Peier, Andreas Schuler -
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Kilian Peier successfully defended his title at the Swiss Ski Jumping Championships on Sunday in Einsiedeln.

With 116.5 m and 115 m he was the best ski jumper in both rounds on the HS 117 Andreas-Kuettel- hill and won his second national title in a row with a total of 271.2 points.

The second place went to Gregor Deschwanden with 115.5 m and 114 m and 266.1 points. Local hero Andreas Schuler finished third with his jumps of 114.5 m and 109 m and 250.8 points.

Gabriel Karlen was fourth, followed by Sandro Hauswirth and Luca Egloff in fifth and sixth.
Four-time Olympic champion Simon Ammann did not take part in the nationals this weekend. 

The Junior's title was won by Sandro Hauswirth with jumps of 114 m and 112.5 m and 259.2 points. Dominik Peter, who jumped on 111.5 m and 110 m, was second with 248.2 points, Pascal Mueller (97.5 m and 94 m; 286.7 points) came in third, clearly behind the Top 2.

In the team event, the "Zuercher Skiverband" (Dominik Peter, Pascal Kaelin, Tobias Birchler, Andreas Schuler) took a more than clear win with 975.9 points. The "Berner Oberlaender Skiverband" (Luca von Gruenigen, Kevin Romang, Gabriel Karlen, Sandro Hauswirth; 836.5 points) and the mixed team of ZSSV/OSSV (Aron Russi, Fabian Waldis, Gregor Deschwanden, Luca Egloff; 758.3 points) were second and third.

Sina Arnet won the ladies competition on the HS 77 Simon-Ammann-hill with 205.7 points (74 m and 62 m), followed by Rea Kindlimann (64 m and 66.5 m; 193.6 points) and Emely Torazza (50.5 m and 50.5 m; 123.7 points).

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