Kilian Peier dethrones Simon Ammann

23 October 2016 13:30
Kilian Peier
Kilian Peier -

The Swiss national championship title in ski jumping 2016 went to Kilian Peier, who won Sunday's competition on the HS 106 in Kandersteg.

The 21-year-old took his first national title with jumps of 95.5 m and 106 m and a total of 249.5 points.

Gabriel Karlen, fifth after the first round with 94.5 m, showed the best performance and the longest jump of the day in the final round with 107.5 m and followed in second only one point behind the winner.

Gregor Deschwanden was third with 97 m and 102.5 m and 242.0 points.

The leader after the first round, Luca Egloff, came in fourth overall and missed the podium with his 238.5 points. Also Simon Ammann was among the Top 3 this time. The Swiss champion of the last five years, who was second after the first half of the competition, finished only fifth.

Dominik Peter was the best in the junior's competition on Saturday with 105.5 m and 107 m (269.5 points). The second and third place went to Tobias Birchler (105.5 m and 104.5 m; 265.5 points) and Sandro Hauswirth (103 m and 104 m; 259.0 points). Dominik Peter also won the U 16 championships on the HS 72 with 262.0 points (74 m and 73 m), ahead of Olan Lacroix (70 m and 69 m; 240.8 points) and Pascal Mueller (64.5 m and 64.5 m; 215.8 points).

Sabrina Windmueller was clearly the best of the ladies. She jumped on 65 m and 62.5 m and scored 205.2 points. Rea Kindlimann (57 m and 59 m; 171.1 points) was second, Charlotte Suter (55 m and 54 m; 155.8 points) came in third.

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