Krzysztof Biegun wins Gold at the Universiade

20 December 2013 20:16
Krzysztof Biegun
Krzysztof Biegun -
Universiade / Pierre Teyssot

Krzysztof Biegun, Sami Niemi and Junshiro Kobayashi won the medals in the final ski jumping competition at the Universiade in Trentino (ITA).

Krzysztof Biegun of Poland took the Gold medal on the large hill in Predazzo with the best jumps in both rounds (129 m and 127 m) and a total of 278.6 points.

Finland's Sami Niemi won the Silver medalwith two jumps on 126.5 m and 267.4 points. 

Junshiro Kobayashi was ahead of Sami Niemi after the first round with his jump on 128 m. In theJapanese then jumped on 122 m, came in third and won the Bronze.

Matic Benedik moved up from tenth to fourth with a very good performance in the final an missed the podium by only 1.1 points. Also Mikhail Maksimochkin and Cestmir Kozisek in fifth and sixth finished only 1.6 resp. 2.8 points behind the Top 3.

Complete results as pdf-file