Outstanding performance by Domen Prevc

10 December 2016 18:53
Daniel Andre Tande, Domen Prevc, Stefan Kraft
Daniel Andre Tande, Domen Prevc, Stefan Kraft -

Domen Prevc is the "Man of the Hour" among the world's best ski jumpers. In Lillehammer the 17-year-old took his third win this winter and he now leads the overall World Cup with 320 points, clearly ahead of Norway's Daniel Andre Tande (258 points) and Severin Freund (228 points). Daniel Andre Tande (NOR) and Austria's Stefan Kraft came in second and third in Lillehammer.

Domen Prevc on an extremely high level

After the third win of Domen Prevc this winter it's clear that the 17-year-old Slovene is the one to beat. The youngest of the three Prevc brothers is consistently jumping on an extremely high level and can only defeat himself at the moment. "It went really well for me today and I'm very satisfied with my jumps. The conditions were good and it was the same for all the competitors today. Sure, I'm the dominating athlete right now, but I know that it can change tomorrow or next week", Domen Prevc said after his win.

Peter Prevc clueless

Things are looking totally different for his brother Peter Prevc at the moment. Last winter's highflyer is struggling right now and for the second time this season, after Klingenthal, he seemed clueless. "I really don't know what's the problem at the moment", Peter Prevc said after his disappointing 30th place in Lillehammer on Saturday.

Tande and Kraft very strong

Daniel Andre Tande of Norway and Austria's Stefan Kraft are getting better and better. Second-placed Tande was happy after the competition: "I'm very satisfied after it didn't go that well for me yesterday when I didn't find the right feeling for the hill with the strong tail wind. That's why I was a bit nervous today. But I showed that I'm jumping on a high level right now, although I had a small mistake at the take-off in the second round. So there's still room for improvement for tomorrow. Today's result was the best for our team this winter and it's great to see that the others are also jumping better and better."

Stefan Kraft is also gaining momentum: "I'm very satisfied. Today I achieved what was possible. Domen and Daniel and very, very good at the moment. So far I didn't really like this hill, but that changed today and now I'm looking forward to Sunday's competition."

Polish duo strong again

Again very strong, again as a duo and again with no podium result: Kamil Stoch and Maciej Kot of Poland came in fourth and fifth today. It's only a matter of time, maybe less than 24 hours, until they can achieve their first podium finishes. The level of the Polish jumpers is very high, but so is the level of the competitions. This winter everything has to work out great for an athlete in order to be on the podium.

Eisenbichler best German again

Behind the remarkably strong Norwegian Andreas Stjernen, Markus Eisenbichler was the best German in seventh. "I made a stupid mistake in my first jump", Eisenbichler said after the competition. With the seventh place he achieved yet another top result, but, like in Klingenthal, he lost an even better result due to a mistake. But still Eisenbichler is the discovery for Germany this season. Severin Freund in 11th, Karl Geiger in 12th, Stephan Leyhe in 15th, Andreas Wellinger in 17th and Richard Freitag in 24th showed solid performances, but currently they are not capable of fighting for the top spots against athletes like Prevc, Tande and Kraft.

Vincent Descombes Sevoie of France achieved another Top 10 result in eighth. Descombes Sevoie is having the best winter of his career and is currently seventh in the overall World Cup. 

The second competition in Lillehammer already starts at 3:00 pm CET on Sunday.