Peter Prevc and Ema Klinec Slovenian Champions

12 October 2015 09:08
Top 6 of the Slovenian Nationals
Top 6 of the Slovenian Nationals - / Branko Finzgar

The titles at the Slovenian National Championships in Kranj on Sunday went to Peter Prevc and Ema Klinec.

Peter Prevc was the best in both rounds on his home hill with 111 m and 112 m and took the win with a total of 271.4 points.

Anze Lanisek came in second with his jumps on 108 m and 107 m and 258.5 points, the third place went to Robert Kranjec, who posted jumps on 108.5 m and 105 m for a 252.2 points.

Only 16-year-old Domen Prevc, younger brother of Peter, who recently gained attention with his very good performances in the COC, finished sixth, behind Gasper Partol and Jaka Hvala.

Ema Klinec took a clear win in the ladies competition with 108.5 m and 102 m (250.4 points). The second and third place went to Katja Pozun (97 m / 100.5 m; 222.0 points) and Ursa Bogataj (98.5 m / 96.5 m; 216.0 points).

The local heroes of the SK Triglav Kranj (Robert Kranjec, Ziga Jegar, Domen Prevc, Peter Prevc) won the team competition with a total of 1016.3 points, followed by SSK Sam Ihan 1 (Jernej Damjan, Gasper Bartol, Tilen Bartol, Jure Sinkovec; 975.5 points) and SSK Ilirija (Matic Kramarsic, Martin Capuder, Tine Bogataj, Jan Kus; 897.3 points).

A mixed team competition was also held in Kranj. This event was won by SK Zagorje (Katja Pozun, Ernest Prislic, Andraz Pograjc, Miran Zupancic) with 948.5 points, ahead of SSK Sam Ihan (Eva Logar, Jernej Damjan, Gasper Bartol, Jure Sinkovec; 910.3 points) and SSK Ilirija 1 (Ursa Bogataj, Matic Kramarsic, Tine Bogataj, Jan Kus; 903.9 points).


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