Peter Prevc and Sara Takanashi also on top in the prize money ranking

23 March 2016 07:19
Sara Takanashi, Peter Prevc
Sara Takanashi, Peter Prevc -

The two dominators of the past season, Peter Prevc and Sara Takanashi, also lead last winter's prize money ranking.

With his 15 wins in individual competitions and one win in a team event and his total of 25 podium finishes in the 32 competitions of the 2015/16 World Cup season, Peter Prevc earned a prize money of 248 800,-- Swiss Francs (approx. 228 000,- Euro).

Like in the overall World Cup, Severin Freund and Kenneth Gangnes follow right behind the Slovene also in this ranking with 169 500,- CHF and 168 300,- CHF.

Sara Takanashi, who won 14 of the 17 competitions in the Ladies' World Cup 2015/16, earned 48 300,- CHF (approx. 44 000,- Euro). Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (34 095,- CHF) and Maja Vtic (26 970,- CHF) are second and third in the ladies' prize money ranking.

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