Prevc, Prevc & Prevc participating in Engelberg

14 December 2016 13:22
Domen and Peter Prevc
Domen and Peter Prevc -

Yes, they are three brothers and yes, they are all ski jumpers.
By now the whole world knows the oldest, Peter, who is currently the world's best ski jumper.
The ski jumping fans know the youngest, Domen, since this winter, during which he already won three times.
And now, at the World Cup in Engelberg (SUI) this weekend, also the third Prevc brother, Cene, will be competing.

One really doesn't have to look the statistics that closely: Something like this has never happened in ski jumping, and probably in elite sports. Three brothers competing in the same World Cup event might be unusual, but nowadays it's not really spectacular.

But that one of these brothers (Domen, 17 years old) is leading the overall World Cup, the second (Cene, 20 years old) is leading the overall ranking of the FIS Continental Cup and the third (Peter, 24 years old) is coming to Engelberg after winning both events there last year, is incredible.

Prevc, Prevc and Prevc will try to write yet another chapter of sports history this weekend in Engelberg. 

Ski Jumping 2016/17 is Ski Jumping dominated by the Prevc brothers.

The oldest, Peter, is still struggling with his shape after an outstanding 2015/16 winter season, during which he won the 4-Hills-Tournament, the overall World Cup and the Ski Flying World Championships. The hill in Engelberg suits (Peter) Prevc perfectly, last winter he won both individual competitions there. So it's quite possible, the Prevc will take his first win this season in Engelberg.

The youngest, Domen, is sensationally leading the overall World Cup with his three wins this winter. Considering the way (Domen) Prevc presented himself on the first three World Cup weekends, he is definitely capable of winning in Engelberg. The 17-year-old is consistently jumping on the highest level and, at the same time, on the edge.

The third brother, Cene, is considered, as unbelievable as it may sound, the most talented one of the three Prevc brothers.

Cene had some health problems last year, but he made an impressive comeback last weekend with two wins and a second place in the Continental Cup in Vikersund (NOR).

Normally it would not be enough for Cene to win in Engelberg, but who knows. In the wake of his two brothers, a lot seems possible.

It doesn't really matter if the tree will be on the podium in Engelberg or not. The Prevc brothers will write a great and unique sports-story in Engelberg.

If all of them will also be competing for Slovenia in the 4-Hills-Tournament, remains to be seen. So for now, Engelberg will be a unique parts of sports history.

The interest of the media in Engelberg, that the three earned with their performance, will therefore be huge.