Qualification in Kuopio canceled on Monday

03 March 2014 15:51
Snowfall in Kuopio
Snowfall in Kuopio -

The qualification in Kuopio was canceled on Monday due to heavy snowfall. It shall now be held on Tuesday right before the competition.

The official training on the Puijo-hill was canceled after 31 jumpers in the second round. At this point Roman Koudelka of the Czech Republic had the best jump with 119. He was followed by Kaarel Nurmsalu (121 m) and Reruhi Shimizu (120.5 m).

The best in the first training round was double Olympic Champion Kamil Stoch of Poland with 128.5 m, Austrian Michael Hayboeck and Gregor Deschwanden of Switzerland jumped on 124.5 m. 

The qualification will now take place on Tuesday before the competition instead of the trial round at 3:30 pm CET. According to the weather forecast the conditions shall be better then.

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