RAW AIR - 10 days Ski Jumping on the edge

29 September 2016 16:56
RAW AIR Norway
RAW AIR Norway -

During the FIS fall meetings in Zurich, the Norwegian Ski Association presented the concept for a new competition series, that will be held at four different locations in Norway, the RAW AIR.

What looks like four FIS Ski Jumping World Cup competitions in a row from March 11th - March 19th, 2017 in the FIS World Cup calendar, has now turned out to be an impressive concept for a new competition series. "We want to make clear right from the start: RAW AIR will not be a copy of the 4-Hills-Tournament. We don't want to be and we will not be a competition for the great 4-Hills-Tournament", coordinator Arne Abraten explains right at the beginning of the interview with FIS Ski Jumping.

Record amount of prize money

Under the name of RAW AIR, a total of six competitions (4 individual, 2 team) in ten days will be held at the four venues in Oslo, Lillehammer, Trondheim and Vikersund and the RAW AIR overall winner will then receive a check of 60 000,- Euro. The second- and third-placed athlete in the overall ranking will get 30 000,- resp. 10 000,- Euro. This means a total prize money of 100 000,- Euro will be awarded in addition to the obligatory prize money of the World Cup competitions. This adds up to a prize money of about half a million Euro during the course of the ten days.

Extreme competition schedule

What's special at all four venues, will be the fact that the result of the qualification also counts for the overall ranking. This means that there is at least one competition jump on ten days in a row, without any breaks. That's why the qualifications will were named prologues and that's why an athlete who doesn't take part in one of the prologues will have practically no chance to take the RAW AIR overall title. RAW AIR, who wants to win, has to compete - no chance to take a break.

With a chartered train through the night

As tough as the schedule with ten days of competition is for the athletes, as well thought-out is the general concept of the event that makes it all possible. "Our plan is, that athletes, coaches, officials and media representatives will travel to the next venue with a chartered train. On the final and longest (about 500 km) stage between Trondheim and Vikersund (Drammen), sleeper cabins shall be used. We are currently negotiating the possibilities. Right now things are looking good and I hope that we can implement our plan together with the Norwegian Railways. The transport with the train would be perfect for the logistics as well and it would also be environmental friendly", explains coordinator Arne Abraten, who was hired by the Norwegian Ski Association especially for RAW AIR. "In addition there is also the possibility to communicate in a relaxed atmosphere during the trip, do interviews or just relax. The Norwegian TV station NRK for example is already planing to do live interviews on the train", Abraten added.

NRK as strong partner

Norwegian TV NRK is also on board. "NRK is fully convinced of the project and we will produce a first class broadcast of all the competitions and jumps with our colleagues from NRK and offer it worldwide, the interest is huge", said Abraten.

The schedule for RAW AIR is now complete and we will check from time to time if there is anything new to report about this exciting new series of competitions in Norway.


Schedule RAW AIR 2017 

Date Venue / Competition  Start 
Friday, March 10 Oslo - Prologue  
Saturday, March 11 Oslo - Team Competition 4:15 pm
Sunday, March 12 Oslo - Individual Competition 2:15 pm
Monday, March 13 Lillehammer - Prologue  
Tuesday, March 14 Lillehammer - Individual Competition 5:00 pm
Wednesday, March 15 Trondheim - Prologue  
Thursday, March 16 Trondheim - Individual Competition 5:00 pm
Friday, March 17 Vikersund - Prologue  
Saturday, March 18  Vikersund - Team Competition 4:00 pm
Sunday, March 19 Vikersund - Individual Competition/Final  2:00 pm