Roman Koudelka: "I only took four days off"

14 May 2015 17:29
Roman Koudelka
Roman Koudelka -

In our series "FIS Ski Jumping-Talk" we present interviews with ski jumping athletes and officials. Today: Roman Koudelka (25) of the Czech Republic.

Roman Koudelka made his debut in the World Cup already in 2006 at age 17, in the same winter he achieved his first Top 10 result as eighth in Klingenthal. The 2007 Junior World Champion was on the podium in the World Cup for the first time 2011 in Harrachov. Last season Koudelka was in his best shape ever, took his first four wins in the World Cup and finished seventh in the overall World Cup ranking.


FIS Ski Jumping: Hello Roman. How did you spend the time without ski jumping so far?

Roman Koudelka: I took only four days off after the season and went skiing in Austria. Right after that I started training again. This was a very important period for me, I did a lot of strength and dynamic training. Now I'm focusing on the technique again.

FIS Ski Jumping: So you did not even go on vacation?

Koudelka: Right. In total I might have had a week off. Apart from that I was always training.

FIS Ski Jumping: You've just had your best World Cup season so far and took your first wins. How satisfied are you?

Koudelka: It was very good. With Richard Schallert we got a new coach and it went very well. But there were also times when it wasn't that good, like in Falun or during the 4-Hills-Tournament. Of course the fourth place at the WSC was a good result, but we wanted to be on the podium. But there's still enough time to achieve that and I'm sure that I will be even stronger next year.


FIS Ski Jumping: That sounds like a threat to the competition. What exactly are your goals?

Koudelka: My goal is the 4-Hills-Tournament. I want to be on the podium, at least. If I work hard I sure have a chance. But there are at least ten jumpers who can win. And there are also the World Championships at the Kulm-hill. I'm not a very good ski flyer yet, that's why we are focusing on improving the flight system this year.


FIS Ski Jumping: Most of the other jumpers took a few weeks off and went on vacation to where it's warm and sunny. Are you not at all worried that you might run out of strength one day?

Koudelka: No, I'm not worried. We have a very good plan and I have a positive feeling. I don't have much spare time, but I'm very strong mentally. This is a very good and important period for me in order to get even stronger.


FIS Ski Jumping: Czech ski jumping is going through difficult times right now. Last winter the World Cup in Liberec could not take place and there will also not be a competition in your home country next winter. How much do your regret this?

Koudelka:That was a pity, also for me. Of course I would have also had a lot more pressure at a World Cup in Liberec, and I didn't have that now. It's a pity for the Czech Republic. But it is the way it is and at the end I don't care.


FIS Ski Jumping: From a sporting point of view, a lot was depending on your performance recently. Do you see some talents right, who might be able to support you in the future?

Koudelka: We have a new training group now, I train together with some younger athletes. That's very good for me. The older athletes like Janda and Matura are in a different group. This gives me new impulse and that's always positive.


FIS Ski Jumping: How important is Richard Schallert for you? It seems that you trust him a lot.

Koudelka: Richard is 90 % of the success. Everything goes in the right direction, we both want very good results. We have high goals, want to win World Cups and also the overall World Cup. I'm very happy and satisfied with him, also from a psychological point of view.


FIS Ski Jumping: We wish you a good training period and lots of success for the new season.