RUS: Titles to Boyarintsev, Kornilov and Avvakumova

16 October 2015 07:31
Top 3 teams at the Russian nationals
Top 3 teams at the Russian nationals -
Russian Ski Association

The Russian national championships of the men and ladies were held this week on the Olympic hills from Sochi 2014.

The men's competition on the normal hill in Krasnaya Polyana was won by Vladislav Boyarintsev with jumps on 100.5 m and 101 m. Alexander Bazhenov achieved the best result of his career so far in second with 99 m and 10 m (249.5 points). Only 0.5 point behind Bazhenov, Denis Kornilov finished third with 100 m and 99 m.

A day later, Denis Kornilov took the national title on the large hill with 135.5 m and 140.5 m and 280.3 points under difficult conditions with fog and heavy rain. The former nordic combined athlete Evgeniy Klimov, fifth on the normal hill, was in the lead after the first round with 137 m, but with 139.5 m and 279.2 points he could not keep up with Kornilov and came in second overall. The third place went to Ilmir Hazetdinov, who missed the podium in fourth by two points the day before, with 132.5 m and 140.5 m (272.9 points).

The championships concluded with the team competition, that was won by Nizhniy Novgorod (Mikhail Maksimochkin, Alexander Sardyko, Roman Trofimov, Denis Kornilov; 1058.4 points), followed by St. Petersburg (Alexey Romashov, Vladislav Boyarintsev, Erkin Allamuratov, Sergey Pyzhov; 969.5 points) and Moscow oblast (Ilmir Hazetdinov, Evgeniy Klimov, Nikolay Matavin, Artur Sultangulov; 944.8 points).

  In the ladies' competition on the normal hill, Irina Avvakumova took a clear win with 100 m and 98 m and a total of 243.5 points. Sofya Tikhonova (101 m / 93 m; 232.0 points) and Alexandra Kustova (93.5 m /82.5 m; 192.5 points) finished second and third.

Veteran Dmitry Vassiliev could not participate in this championships due to a knee injury.

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