Sami Niemi new Finnish Champion

30 March 2014 09:13
Lauri Asikainen, Sami Niemi, Anssi Koivuranta
Lauri Asikainen, Sami Niemi, Anssi Koivuranta -
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The Finnish Championships were held on the normal hill in Rovaniemi this weeekend. A competition on the large hill in Kuusamo was also planned, but it became a victim of the difficult weather conditions.

The conditions were already not easy for the competition on the normal hill on Saturday and so the second round was canceled due to strong wind. The win went to Sami Niemi with a jump on 97.5 m and 136.6 points.

Lauri Asikainen jumped on the same distance as the winner and came in second with 135.1 points. With 93.5 m and 125.1 points the third place went to Anssi Koivuranta.

The competition on the large hill in Kuusamo had to be canceled on Sunday morning, also due to strong wind. 


Top 10 Finnish Championships, Rovaniemi HS 100; March 29th, 2014

Rank Name Distance Points
1. Niemi, Sami 97.5 m 136.6
2. Asikainen, Lauri 97.5 m 135.1
3. Koivuranta, Anssi 93.5 m 125.1
4. Klinga, Sebastian 92.5 m 124.1
5. Ylipulli, Miika 93.5 m 123.1
6. Heiskanen, Sami 92 m 121.1
7. Ojala, Juho 91.5 m 120.6
8. Valta, Ossi-Pekka 91.5 m 118.6
9. Larinto, Ville 90 m 117.1
10. Vaehaesoeyrinki, Eetu 91.5 m 116.5

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