Sara Takanashi dominates training in Rasnov

28 February 2014 13:08
Sara Takanashi
Sara Takanashi -

This weekend a ladies' World Cup is held in Rasnov (ROM). It started with the official training on Friday. There are only 44 participants, so a qualification was not necessary.

The best jumps in the training in the new romanian ski jumping center were shown by World Cup leader Sara Takanashi of Japan. In the first round she was the second best with 95 m, Irina Avvakumova of Russia came in first with 93 m and Takanashi's teammate Yuki Ito was third (93 m).

The second round was dominated by Sara Takanashi with a jump on 98 m. Irina Avvakumova (92.5 m) and Olympic Champion Carina Vogt of Germany (92 m) followed in second and third. Avvakumova and Vogt started from two gates higher than the Japanese.

In the third and final training round, the 17-year-old Japanese once again had the best jump with 95 m, this time she was followed by Yuki Ito (93.5 m) and Coline Mattel of France (89.5 m). Maren Lundby of Norway showed the longest jump with 96 m, but she had a longer inrun than the Top 3.

Olympic Champion Carina Vogt had problems with the landing in the second jump and skipped the third round due to pain in her knee. US American Lindsey Van fell in the second round.

The first competition in Rasnov is held on Saturday at 2:00 pm CET.

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