Sarah Hendrickson to compete in Lillehammer

01 November 2016 21:13
Sarah Hendrickson
Sarah Hendrickson -

Sarah Hendrickson is back on the hill. The 22 year old from Salt Lake City recovered from a knee injury she suffered in a training fall in June 2015.

The surgery that followed, in September 2015 forced her to completely leave out the last season.

It was not Hendrickson´s first serious injury. Already in 2013 the first World Cup winner in Ladies Ski Jumping had to undergo a knee surgery and recovered just in time for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

„The last year has been really tough“, the 2013 World Champion stated. „I have put in so many hours into the rehab and knew it was time to trust myself and my knee.“ Hendrickson performed her first jumps in Planica on the K 80 hill.

„There is hardly any progression with knee recovery to get back on the hill. Thats completely different from ski racing, where you can take baby steps back on the slope. I only could decide to jump or not to jump.“ Anyway, Hendrickson is happy with her choice. „It felt amazing to fly again.“ After 10 days in Planica she went to Oberstdorf.

„Here I can use the ice track to prepare for the winter. I am planning on jumping the World Cup opening in Lillehammer. Right now it is a realistic plan.“ Sarah Hendrickson, who with 13 victories is the second most succesfull World Cup athlete in Ladies Ski Jumping after Japan´s Sara Takanashi, cant wait to be back:

„I have missed being an athlete on the road. I love travelling around. And of course I like seeing my friends from all over the world. Ive just missed being a professional athlete.“