Simon Ammann continues his career

15 May 2015 16:25
Simon Ammann
Simon Ammann -

After he thought about his future for a while, Simon Ammann has now decided that he wants to continue his ski jumping career.

"The long season, my crash and the difficult way back to the hill cost a lot of energy. Before I make I final decision I wanted to evaluate the situation with the persons closest to me, in private life and in sports. After I recovered from the intense season and had a lot of talks, I came to the conclusion that I'm still infected with ski jumping fever. 

Interesting perspectives also opened up besides the hill, but I still enjoy my job as a ski jumper a lot. Maybe, after all these years, I consider my sport to be more of a job than a passion, but I've reached a point where I'm absolutely ready and motivated to start the exhausting summer training. The fact that I was jumping again last winter after the crash was an important prerequisite for this", the four-time Olympic Champion is quoted in a media release of the Swiss Ski Association.

Noriaki Kasai as a role model

The good results at the beginning of the last World Cup season and the performances of Japanese veteran Noriaki Kasai also played an important role in this decision. "My six podium results last winter proved to me that I can still compete with the world's best and fight for the win. And at age 42 Noriaki Kasai shows in a great way that it can still make sense to do competitive sports at this age. After the Olympic season didn't go the way I wanted, it was extremely important for me to see that I can jump on the top level again. I can still rely on a perfect sporting environment and we are also on a very good level when it comes to the equipment."

Right now it's still open for how long Simon Ammann wants to continue his career. "As soon as I feel that the time for retirement has arrived I'll make the decision. We will see when this will happen. Now I'm looking forward to the start of the summer training and I'm totally motivated to train for the Summer Grand Prix and the upcoming winter season."

The 33-year-old already started the athletic training early May, he plans to return to the hill in about a month. Before that, a different kind of flying is the top priority. "I take a longer time off from ski jumping in order to have the chance to focus on my second passion, aviation. Currently I'm getting ready for the airline theory test and I'll spend the next two weeks in England."